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Vol 1, No 95 | March 17, 2011


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Tómame, sol

by El Staff

It rained Saturday. It is supposed to rain Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It’s okay. It’s spring. If April showers are substituted for March ones, no big deal. But on the fine and aptly named Sunday when this was written, the clouds parted for 12 hours and the day was precious. Barcelona is greener. Light lasts longer. Clothing layers are fewer. While we might have a few more days (possibly weeks) of rainy spring ahead, we are all already looking over the greyish horizon to long parc strolls, terrace cervezas, and, yes, even seaside sunbathing. Get a head start. Here’s some help.


Passeig de Lluícs Companys

The crunch of gravel. The thud of the ball. The thud of the other ball. The thud of the other ball. We’ve all seen petanca happening around Barna. You’ve probably walked by it and smiled to yourself once or twice. Well, the next time it’s nice out and you have no fucking clue what to do, get your ass to Arc de Triomf and get into the grandstands. Sit along the pitch on the raised beds of grass watching this simple yet skillful game and harken back to the days of horseshoes, croquet, knitting and other pre-extreme sports. No, in all seriousness, this is an awesome way to while away an hour. Watch the old-timers in their salsa. Listen to them heckle and, for lack of a better term, talk shit in catalá, castellano, andaluz, y tó.

Underrated 'Guito

Parc del Nord s/n

If Ciutadella sounds nice but you want a cortado with your sol instead of the grass and you’re not terribly interested in fighting tourists and pigeons for a bit of peace and quiet, head up two short blocks to Parc del Nord, the city’s loveliest most underrated park. There sits a little xiringuito just like any other ‘guito with one exception, it’s normally empty (read: peaceful, sunny and awesome). Approach the counter and marvel at the utter lack of products on the shelves, then order something simple like that cortado you were dreaming of. Instead of stocking snacks for humans, the owners have a large fish bowl filled with balls for doggies (1,50€), taking advantage of the fact that Parc del Nord is the unofficial Dogs Run Wild park. Also, hit it up during the week and take advantage of the free Barcelona wifi. It’s an awesome place

Antic Terraza

Verdaguer i Callís, 12

We’ve listed Antic Teatre before, but it’s been four years since that and, besides, this time we’re listing the terrace, not the teatre. This outdoor bastion for beer and buen rollo is probably without rival in the category Biggest and Best Terrace in the City Center. If you have a place in mind that can top it, please email us. The Antic Teatre’s terrace is a two-tiered monster tucked away in La Ribera. The lower level sports a dirt floor and tables are arranged around a large central tree (AWESOME!). The upper terrace is terracotta tiled and not exactly small. It also has bombas de calor for chilly nights and an extendable/retractable roof for those pesky little drizzles we mentioned in the intro. Beers are affordable, people are nice (don’t leave your ciggies on the table or you’ll bum them all out before the night is through) and the lighting is perfect.

Bosque + Bunker

Parc del Guinardó

A lot of people complain that Barcelona isn’t green enough. While we can always get behind more green, we’re also tempted to tell those people to get off their asses and leave the Raval. Pack up your bocadillo, little ravalero, and head to Guinardó, where there’s an amazing hill with a goddamn forest on top of it! ¡Olé! No matter your point of entry you’ll soon find yourself immersed in a Mediterranean forest full of pine, cactus and other succulents, wildflowers, vines, fruit trees and more. Climb up and around and enjoy epic views over Barcelona and fresh air (if done after a rainy day). Climb a little higher still and discover the stuff that dreams are made of – a two-street pueblo sitting atop this forest hill in the middle of BCN. And, as if that weren’t enough, go all the way to the top, to rest on (and explore) the Turo de la Rovira, an old bunker and anti-aircraft missile battery used during the Spanish Civil War.

Federal Café

Carrer Parlement, 39

We’ve been too busy breakfasting here to list the place, but the time has come. Federal Café is toted as a slice of New South Wales in Barcelona. Whatever it’s reminiscent of, we’re fully on board. Walk in and you’re met with a large wooden table, communal style, where couples, strangers and friends come together over their cafes, periódicos y desayunos. The front windows open completely, creating small tables for one or two that straddle indoors and out, restaurant and street. Up a level there are smaller tables of different types and up yet another level, a terrace that is so charming you may never get the chance to sit there (it’s often full). Five small tables are surrounded by green hedges on this little rooftop. On huge steps up to nowhere sit more plants, herbs, etc. Sit under the sun and lime tree and sip their great coffee, try bruschettas deliciosas (4,80€), huevos de corral revueltos with all types of lovely ingredients (7,50€), y mucho más. The cupcakes, while pricey, are the bomb.

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